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“ITATI?” Tools

From writing “ITATI?” I developed a vision of sharing all of the tools, solutions, resources, lessons, discoveries, and content I’ve created throughout my career. The ultimate goal: For you to achieve transformational results!

Here you’ll discover some of the tools I have collected and created to assist along the way of your own journey.


Blank – Undated 12 Week Planner. This planner is used in my MasterMinds and Strategic RoundTables.


Blank Worksheets

2022 / 2023 Year End Sentence Completion Worksheet

Setting Boundaries Worksheets

How To: Start Before You Get Started. The Best Ways To Eliminate Problems with A Preflight Document.


The World Has Changed Your Messaging Strategy Needs To Change Also

How to Shift From The Great Resignation To The Great Retention

Seven Points That Build Your Brand

Checklists – Coming Soon

Book Publishing Planner – Checklist

Book Marketing Planner – Checklist

Book Website Planner – Checklist

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