The “Is That All There Is?” Community


Hi! I’m Liz

I knew I was going to be busy being my own boss …. and I love it!  But, sometimes I can’t really think about everything.

I’m happy with my reality of success! I knew I would get here sooner or later. Sooner is GREAT and now I’m really ready to amp it up.

Scaling and growing 10-fold or more brings a whole set of new issues. So where do I turn?

“Let’s Grow! is what I say. And I’m ready to ‘turn it up!’ Just show me the way.”

I want a way to quickly take my established company and brand to the next level. I have an idea of what I want to have happen, but “Sheesh! It’s known only to me.”

I’m excited in discovering the next steps in scaling and growing with Bruce’s guidance.

ITATI? Assets

The links below are tools for Liz’s  journey to scale and grow her business.

Videos To Watch

The videos are sorted for Elizabeth.

Audios To Listen To

Bruce’s book “Building Brand Value” is loaded with sound steps to keep my brand on point as I grow.

Tools To Transformation

Here are the planners, journals, checklists and documents available to all.

ITATI? Courses

The courses for Liz are all about building your brand as you grow.


Building Brand Value and keeping it on target throughout your company.

Have a question? Just call me.