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My ad agency partner Phil and I were on a mission – to figure out how and why other agencies were winning big ad contracts. Sure, we found the commonalities, and we also felt like something was missing.

So I went back to our own work. I was in search of the one common trait in our most successful ads. And I found it! And in 6 minutes and 12 seconds, you’ll find it too.

The Seven Points of Brain Darts

by Bruce Turkel

Creating a great brand can be characterized by seven key points. For many years I’ve recommended that these seven points should become the cornerstone of your communication planning, your creating, and your implementation.

Discover them now!

No… it’s not what you think!

Discover how Volvo has used all 7 “Brain Darts” for over 40 years to continue its reputation as one of the safest cars in America. Even after their “safety” reputation was tarnished, they regained it.

How can you effectively use the same 7 “Brain Darts” for you and your brand? There are some great lessons in this story, and they’re all right here.

Brain Dart #1 – It’s All About Them Point 1 – Making Beautiful Music Together

by Bruce Turkel

What began as one of the worst days of my life turned into a discovery the value of pure platinum. This concept became a solution that I’ve used literally thousands of times. While I don’t talk about my worst day here, you’ll find that story in several of my videos.

I want you to use this concept in your personal life and in your professional life. It’s amazingly powerful!

Brain Dart #1 – It’s All About Them Point 1 – Filter Me This

by Bruce Turkel

People go through life wearing filters on their eyes, their ears, their mouths, and their minds. Discover how these filters alter everything they say, everything they hear, and everything they think.

And after discovering these filters, what can we do to deliver a clear and concise message and picture to everyone we communicate with?

Brain Dart #1 – It’s All About Them Point 1 – You Could Be a Winner!

by Bruce Turkel

How many times have we received that envelope that shouts “You Could Be a Winner!” It grabbed our attention and we immediately opened it, right?

Why? Because it was ALL ABOUT US!! So what can we say to our prospects, even friends, family and co-workers to get their attention and perhaps their curiosity as well.

Master this messaging process and you’ll convince, convince, convince. You’ll also sell, sell, sell.

The theory of how humans make decisions has been proven thousands of times by neuro-scientists and psychologists. First with our hearts – emotionally. And then we do our best to justify our decision with logic and intellect.

So why at times do we (including me) keep trying to sell with facts, figures and logic?

If we go back to the Volvo story, I’ll admit it… I never would have purchased that Volvo if it was the traditional “Volvo-ugly.” No way. They grabbed my heart with their new convertible body style! And I justified the purchase of it using “safety” with my wife Gloria! Double win!

Brain Dart #2 – The Center of the New World

by Bruce Turkel

How would you like to be Speaker #4 following 3 incredibly powerful speakers – not to mention 3 of the most powerful men in the world?

I had the great pleasure of watching – in awe – President Jean-Bertrand Aristide of Haiti follow President Bill Clinton, President José Maria Figueres of Costa Rica and President Carlos Saul Menem of Argentina.

Discover how President Aristide touched the hearts of every single person in the huge convention hall. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room when he ended his speech!

“If I had more time, this speech would have been much shorter.” This quote is credited to so many people, I have no idea who really said it. But it is quite accurate.

How to reduce your message to its most fundamental attribute is true artistry. There are some good examples here.

Brain Dart 3 – The Difference Between Sculpture and Painting

by Bruce Turkel

As many of us know, the biggest difference between sculpture and painting is the process. They are exactly opposite activities.

It’s the same with crafting powerful and effective messages. Discover the clues in 5 minutes and 16 seconds.

Brain Dart 3 – Sometimes Simple Can Be Too Simple

by Bruce Turkel

And other times, too complex. Distinguishing you and your business from the competition is one of the most important things we can do in our messages. Discover how to level the playing field in this fable.