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I think way too much of our time gets wasted scouring the internet, listening-and-relistening to podcasts, pouring through Youtube videos, and reading pages upon pages of blogs just trying to find the pieces to our puzzles.

Finding the educational content you need is the task that can send you down crazy rabbit holes and dead end roads, over and over again!

Plus, when you’re aligned and you do find something that seems like it’s what you’re looking for—you’ve gotta do the legwork to make sure it comes from a reputable source. Does it benefit where you are in business, and—most important—is it a worthwhile investment that’ll give you a return on your money.

“What should I do next?”

“I have a successful venture that is my passion, but I want to know my next step!”

Join me as I systematically follow Bruce’s path to branding and building my business. I ultimately know I want to work on, not in, my business.

ITATI? Courses

The courses below are an absolute must for building strong brand foundations.

They contain valuable lessons in what works today and into the future for businesses.


Getting Stuff Done or Goal Setting that will help your productivity.

4 + 4

The four things people want and the four things people want to know.

ITATI? Assets

The links below are tools for Martin’s  journey to building his business.

Videos To Watch

The videos are sorted for Martin.

Audios To Listen To

Bruce’s book “All About Them” is loaded with business stories and solutions.

Tools To Transformation

Here are the planners, journals, checklists and documents available to all.

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