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Bruce Turkel

Bruce Turkel

I Wrote The Book

“Is That All There Is all about individuals their successes and the moments that made them pivot.

It’s about each and every one of us. You and me. And everyone else who’s wondered what to do next with the rest of our lives…

After interviewing lots of people that faced their own moments of ITATI? I discovered that I wanted to expand my reach. Through developing brand campaigns and conducting CEO masterminds, I wanted to leverage the successful work. processes and courses I had amassed through the years.

Welcome to our reality of not knowing what we want to do with the rest of our lives.

You thought you would retire!

Now you can do all the things you missed as you were building your successes.

I bet you thought you’d start that next great idea. Maybe start running a new business.
If only you knew what it was?  Or what product or service you excelled at… Or at least, created a killer name…


There is a lot of uncertainty out there.

And while we’re fortunate enough to live in a world that has so many wonderful ways to help, it can be hard to know just where to pivot to!

Claudia is facing just this challenge!


I’m Claudia

“What should I do?”

This has been my lament – “I don’t know what I want to do!”

“What’s my purpose?”  I know I’d like to be a part of something significant. I love music. I love pets. I love so many things…

Join me as I follow Bruce through a series of exercises and discussion that can help me pivot to my passion.

Below are some of the areas Bruce and team address.

Personal Pivot

Getting into the groove of YOU!


Making sure you’re paid your worth.


Giving you time to discover & organize.


What ITATI Offers

There’s a library of resources curated just for YOU …

After building an international advertising agency and multiple businesses. I’ve endured a lot of education. I created, searched, vetted, & bundled up all the courses, guides, and resources on personal growth, as well as for the modern digital and brick and mortar business professional. Just for you.


A curated bundle of my guides, courses, workbooks, videos & resources ready for anyone wanting to know the next step and how to grow. I’ve reached out to others in their respective fields to augment this library too.

Even if you don’t know what you want to do next, there’s a path to self-discovery that is dyno-mite!

Get instant access NOW!

How about starting a new business completely?

Then you’ve got a slew of new job titles—wow!

You’re the new CEO! Congrats!

You’re also now the CMO – Chief Marketing Officer (a solid promotion),
and also a Sales Executive (but wait, there’s more),
a Client Service Representative (hope you’re sitting down),
a Social Media Guru (whoo-hoo, you read that right),
an Assistant (hey … wait a minute),
…. and the list goes on and on and on.

And, maybe—just maybe—a few of those
responsibilities caught you off guard?

Are you now somewhere between being  totally confused and aimless, questioning yourself and being completely overwhelmed?

It can be so frustrating trying to do everything yourself and not having the path to follow.

Way too much of your time gets wasted scouring the internet,
listening-and-relistening to podcasts, pouring through Youtube videos, and reading pages upon pages of blogs just trying to find the pieces to ‘your’ puzzle.

Finding the educational content you need is the task that can send you down crazy rabbit holes and dead end roads, over and over again!

Plus, when you’re aligned and you do find something that seems
like it’s what you’re looking for—you’ve gotta do the legwork to make sure it comes from a reputable source, benefits you where you’re at in business, and—most importantly—is a worthwhile investment that’ll give you a return on your money.
(Which, let’s be honest, can sometimes be a pretty penny.)

But hey, you’ve done it before, with or without a team.

And that’s how Martin thinks.


I’m Martin

“What should I do next?”

“I have a successful venture that is my passion, but I want to know my next step!”

Join me as I systematically follow Bruce’s path to branding and building my business. I know I want to work on, not in, my business.

Below are some of the areas Bruce and team address.

Business Point


It isn’t complicated, really!

Your Brand

Making this all about them.

Client experience

Your Clients

Giving them a great experience every step of the way.

Shopping Sales


It’s what we do!

Shopping Sales

Email Lists

How you mine for gold with this     important asset.

You better believe I’m the CEO!

You knew you were going to be busy being your own boss …. but did you really think about everything.

What about the reality of success? You knew you would get there sooner or later. Sooner is GREAT and now you’re really ready to amp it up.

Scaling and growing 10-fold or more brings a whole set of new issues. So where do you turn.

That’s where Elizabeth is running to today.


I’m Elizabeth

“Let’s Grow!”

“Call me Liz! And I’m ready to ‘turn it up!’ Just show me the way.”

I want a way to quickly take my established company and brand to the next level. I have an idea of what I want to have happen, but “Sheesh! It’s known only to me.”

Join me as I discover the next steps in scaling and growing with Bruce’s guidance.

Below are some of the areas Bruce and team address.

New Launch

Making sure you have the best launch ever. Everyone will know!

Business Growth

Scaling your business is all about leverage.


Does it say what you want and work for you?

Easy as 1,2,3

How It Works

How much to join?
For $  per month you have full access to this library of resources. They are all proven strategies and solutions for YOU!

Take a direct path to the area you believe will help you the most, or wander at your leisure.

How long do I have access to all these great materials?
As long as you like. Just pay the monthly fee and you will continue to gain access to Bruce’s library and each and every new course added monthly.
Do I have to use specific software or tools?

No. Sure I have favorites that I have become accustom to. And I’ll probably share them with you.

However the strategies and solutions you’ll find in ITATI are proven despite your software choices.

I'm just getting started with my pivot, can you help me Bruce?

Absolutely, Yes!

Being at the start is the best time and place to be to set up processes to run smoothly. Hooray! I believe that will set you on a faster road to success. Follow Martin’s path as you start adding the branding and marketing to your passion.

What I Do

Pivot To Passion

What makes this library different?

Simple. Everyone is starting a a different spot. Totally confused. Ready to move themselves forward with the next step.

Ready to amp-up a successful enterprise with a fresh look and feel.

Or not totally sure, but will know the next step when they see it.

I’ve worked very hard to make anyone gain a quick orientation and begin navigating the materials I’ve created to help.

Jack In The Box
Bruce Turkel in his office.
Bruce at work.

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Stephanie Rawson

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Tyler Shaw


At least that is what Norman thinks. He’s the type that walks to the beat of his own drum.


I’m Norman

“Just let me wander.”

I’m too independent to follow any specific “pathway” on this site. I like the serendipity of stumbling upon content that is new to me.  And being able to reach out to Bruce anytime is really what is important to me.

Join me as I listen in to Bruce’s Brilliance on his monthly call.

Below are some of the areas Bruce and team address.

Bruce's Brilliance

Bruce's Brilliance

Making it All About Them!

Bonus Content


There’s always cool “Marketing Minutes” and special videos to watch.

Questions & Answers

Bruce has a Q&A session twice a month where he answers questions submitted by you.


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